Here is the feedback from attendees of the course I ran from 26th April to 21st June 2016 in answer to the question What did you like about the course?

  1. Made to feel at ease with the whole group quickly
  2. Practical application. An hour and a half is a good length. Pace of course is good.
  3. Helped me to be more in touch with my body, be more balanced and feel healthier and more relaxed in everyday life. Information very clear, relaxed and friendly environment.
  4. Fantastic, welcoming environment with an open, kind and understanding teacher who has a clear love for his work. I loved it!
  5. Everything! The way that I can use it in everyday life, v.wise and approachable teacher.
  6. I’ve done it before but have learned lots of new things.
  7. Grant is Great, Alexander T is really amazing.
  8. Very informative on how you use your body more efficiently.
  9. Accessible to all, fun, focused and informative.
  10. Helping my health a lot.