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Grant Ragsdale


I offer one to one lessons at the Swarthmore Centre in Leeds.
These last 40 to 45 minutes and the cost is £35.00.
Please email or phone me if you wish to make an appointment or require more information.

I also offer lessons via Zoom and Teams – the cost for these are £25.00
I have been pleasantly surprised how well these have gone.  Please feel free to get in touch if you think you may be interested.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you feel I can be of any assistance.

My best wishes to all of you in these trying times.

Below are links to some videos that you may find useful.  They are not really meant for beginners but I don’t think you’ll come to any harm if you haven’t had experience in the Technique.


Recorded 15th July 2021 – slightly complicated but worth learning
Complex Dart Video
Uploaded 7th July 2021 – diagram of Complex Dart.
Complex Dart diagram

Recorded 17th June 2021 – my favourite Dart Procedure
Lost Dart

Recorded 29th March 2021 – a bit complicated but well worth it
Monkey hands on back of chair

Recorded 7th January 2021 – not strictly Alexander Technique but really useful
I Chuan

Recorded 29th July2020 – for helping to unite the mind and the body
The Cycles

Recorded 19th July 2020
Sitting Directions

Recorded 10th June 2020
Fundamental theory

 Recorded 2nd June 2020 – great for improving balance
Foot on Book

Recorded Wednesday 20th May 2020
Sunning and Palming

Recorded Tuesday 5th May 2020 – probably the best one for beginners
Lying in Semi-Supine

Recorded Wednesday 29th April 2020
Monkey Seat of Chair

Recorded Monday 20th April 2020
Anchoring the Eyes

Recorded Saturday 11th April 2020
Whispered Ahh

Recorded Saturday 4th April 2020
Standing to Sitting

Now have a cup of tea or coffee and a nice piece of cake.

I qualified as an Alexander teacher in 1994 after 3 years training.
Since then I have been teaching the Technique to the general public in Leeds and Hebden Bridge.
For many years I have also taught the Technique to music students at Leeds College of Music.

If you want more information about learning the Alexander Technique in West Yorkshire, please click on a link below.

Lessons in Leeds
for details of individual and group classes in the Leeds area.

Lessons in Hebden Bridge
for details of individual and group classes in the Hebden Bridge area.

One Day Courses and Special Events
for information on Introductory Days and special events.

What is the Alexander Technique?
for information about the Alexander Technique in general. This includes a link to a short video about using the Technique in educational settings.

Teacher training

for information about training to become and Alexander Technique Teacher.

Some other addresses
for addresses of organizations which you may find useful.